“Flowers For You” Homemade Card

A Beautiful gift idea for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and Special Occasions!


DIY Flower Bouquet Card With A Creative Handprint Cut-Out

If you’re searching for unique and meaningful homemade gift ideas, look no further than this delightful spring flower card! With the freedom to customize the card with the flowers of your choosing and colorful cardstock, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative. The best part? This easy craft is enjoyable for both kids and adults! My teenage daughter and I had a blast creating these stunning cards together, making for a memorable bonding experience.

This creative DIY card is a beautiful and heartfelt way to show your love and appreciation for moms, grandmas, teachers and spouses on special occasions.

Are you looking for DIY card ideas for mom or grandma? This beautiful flower card is perfect for any woman in your life of just about any special occasion including Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, teachers, holidays and more.

Supplies Needed

  • 8.5×11 cardstock 
  • skin colored paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil 
  • flowers 

DIY Flower Bouquet Card made with paper, glue and flowers. An easy and cheap craft idea for Mother's Day, birthdays, and more! A great spring time activity and homemade gift.

Flower Ideas

Any kind of flowers can be used for this project! I purchased these faux flowers from Hobby Lobby, however, you can use flowers from your yard, dried flowers, or even make your own flowers with colorful construction paper.

DIY Flower Card Idea made with a handprint!

DIY Flower Bouquet Card

While store-bought cards can be convenient, there’s something truly special and heartfelt about receiving a homemade card. The effort and thoughtfulness put into creating your own card makes it stand out as a cherished and memorable keepsake. So, gather your supplies and let’s showcase your artistic abilities!

Handprint Flower Card

Step OneStart off by tracing your hand as well as part of your wrist onto an 8.5×11 piece of skin-colored paper. When making this project with my daughter, I decided to keep the fingers close together to resemble what a hand would actually look like when holding a bouquet. Also, It didn’t seem to matter which hand was traced even though it’s the right hand holding the bouquet.

How to make a handprint flower card! An easy craft for kids and adults.

Step Two Use a glue stick or double sided sticky tape to adhere the hand to a folded piece of cardstock. DO NOT use a thick squeezable glue such as tacky glue because you can clearly see the glue bumps through the paper. After your paper hand is attached to the cardstock, cut off any excess.

DIY Flower Bouquet Card | A fun and easy homemade gift idea for special occasions! This handmade card is perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Birthdays. Perfect for mom and grandma!

Step Three Next, use a strong glue such as tacky glue or hot glue to adhere the flowers into place. I discovered after making several of these that’s it’s best to angle the flowers so that the thumb is still partially showing.

DIY Flower Bouquet Card | An easy and cheap homemade gift idea for mom and grandma! It's so easy to make with just paper, glue, scissors and the flowers of your choice. You can use faux, dried or even make your own flowers with constructions paper. I love this simple spring time craft! It's great for kids of all ages, as well as crafty adults.

Step Four Fold the fingers over the flower stems and glue them down one at a time. After some trial and error, I found that the paper looks more like a hand when the fingers are slightly staggered in height because the shadows help make each finger look more distinguishable. Does that make sense? 

Beautiful DIY Gift Idea for Mother's Day | A handmade flower bouquet card! So easy to make, but really impressive looking. These creative and colorful cards can be given as gifts for just about any occasion. Perfect for the spring time!

Step FiveAdd a special message or a personal touch to make the card even more meaningful. You can handwrite something or even use stencils or letter stickers to say something special such as “Happy Mother’s Day”, “I Love You”, “Happy Birthday”, etc.

Easy Mother's Day Craft idea for kids to make! This homemade card is sure to make mom feel special.

Helpful Tips

  • Any color of cardstock can be used! I chose a natural color because I’m extremely boring. I also thought it would help the colorful flowers pop.
  • You can additionally draw or paint some fingernails on. And, how about a beaded bracelet for the wrist? Why not! Have fun with it. Any added details will make the card more interesting. 
  • Because I wasn’t sure if the hand would bend properly with cardstock, I chose a thinner paper for the hand. 
  • If you don’t want to go out and buy skin-colored paper, you could just use printer paper and color it, or even use construction paper in a whimsical color such as yellow or purple. There’s no right or wrong way to do this!
  • Be sure to use a glue stick or double sided tape when applying the hand to the cardstock. The paper is thin, so any thick glue will make it look bumpy. However, a sturdy glue is best for the flowers and for holding the fingers in place. 

DIY Mother's Day Card Idea | A beautiful handprint flower bouquet card! So easy to make with just a few cheap supplies. You can even gather flowers from your yard. These homemade cards are great for both kids and adults to make, and totally customizable.

These handmade flower cards are a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation for the special women in your life, while also enjoying a fun and rewarding activity!

Easy DIY Mother's Day Card Idea using flowers and a handprint cut-out! This spring time craft is great for kids, teenagers and adults to make for just about any occasion. Any mom or grandma would love it! You could even make this card for Valentine's Day or Birthdays. Flowers For You Homemade Card for Mother's Day | A fun and easy spring time craft! Make the women in your life feel special with this DIY gift idea. It's so simple to make, even young kids would enjoy it. You can customize it with any flowers and colorful paper. Perfect for mom or grandma!Easy DIY Flower Card Idea for Mother's Day | This easy spring time project is so simple to make and will make mom feel so special! If you're looking for easy handmade gifts to make for mom or grandma, this flower bouquet card is just perfect for any occasion. We made them for Mother's Day, but they are fitting for birthdays and other holidays, too. DIY Homemade Flower Card for Mother's Day and other special occasions! Are you looking for fun and easy spring time crafts to make with your kids? These adorable flower bouquet cards are simple to make with just paper and flowers! I made them with my teenage daughter for both her grandmas. Great bonding time!"Flowers For You" Homemade Card for Mother's Day. A special DIY card that's easy to make for kids and adults. My teen daughter had a blast making them for both her grandma's. A creative spring time craft that makes for the perfect gift!


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