Well, hello there! I’m assuming that if you’ve made it to my about page, you are either lost or want to find out more about me. 

Other than when I’m nagging my 13 year old daughter, I’m just a really cool chick that likes to take stunning photos of couches and fingernails. Oh, and things that I like to whip up in the kitchen (like recipes and stuff). 

Basically, this blog is full of completely random stuff that I wanted to share with the world. I like to create what I call “Instructional Pictures”, and that is how I came up with the name “Instrupix”. I try to have fun and be creative with photos— it’s like digital art to me! Pinterest is my inspiration.

In my spare time, I’m a mom, wife and wine drinker. I also like to read, but never do because I’m too busy not reading. Every time I read a book, someone turns it into a lame, painful movie— like “50 Shades”— COME ON!! 

I was once big into running, but now that I’m an old drunk (just sorta kidding), I prefer to browse Pinterest and eat cookies. I will soon be writing a post about how 37 is the year you start to feel OLD AF. I don’t say “hashtag”, I say “pound”. Stop confusing me.


We just recently moved from California to Arizona, and you wouldn’t believe how stupendous my tan is. I LOVE it here! We’ve named all of the cacti (not “cactuses” you non-Arizona people… psshhhh), so we immediately had dozens of pokey little friends. Also, you can LITERALLY use the self-check out at the grocery stores here to buy wine. You also get FREE bags. Amazing, I know. 

That’s all for now. End it while it’s hot.



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