How To Clean Rubber Soles Like Magic With One Ingredient


It’s inevitable…. I’ve never had a pair of white soled shoes that didn’t turn dingy, dirty, and anything-but-white in less than a month. And, I promise, I’m really not the type to walk through dirt or mud on a regular basis.

After I realized I had a pile of shoes that I never wear because they look so run down and filthy, I went on a hunt for the easiest, laziest way to clean them. I knew I wasn’t going to do anything that required unlacing them or using the washing machine. I mean, come on! That’s way too much work.

How to make the rubber soles on your converse or other shoes super white and clean with one ingredient! This little trick takes less than 5 minutes and is super easy!

I ran across this super easy tip on Pinterest that seemed at first to be too good to be true, but I thought “What the heck, I have nothing to lose”. So, I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed a few cotton balls, and grabbed the one thing I always have on hand in my bathroom cabinet– NAIL POLISH REMOVER!

Yep, that’s right. Nail polish remover. Makes sense, right? If it can remove nail polish, I don’t see why it can’t remove scuff marks and dirt off of white rubber soles.

Simply soak a few cotton balls with a generous amount of nail polish remover, and scrub the white rubber soles of any shoes until they look nice and white. Trust me, they’ll look brand new!

DO NOT use the nail polish on the canvas or fabric part of shoes because that might cause discoloring. I simply wiped the fabric part down with a really warm wash cloth and it seemed to do the trick. I didn’t even bother with the laces, but you can place them in a bleach solution (3/4 part warm water and 1/4 part bleach) to whiten them as well.

As you can see, I’m really happy with the outcome of this simple trick. I wonder what else I can clean with nail polish remover??


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