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Brilliant food hacks! Everything from time saving ideas to cooking shortcuts.


Food & Cooking Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

I don’t know about you, but I spend a heck of a lot of time in my kitchen. More time than I’d like most days of the week! There are a lot of things I really enjoy about cooking, but the prep and cleanup isn’t my favorite part of my culinary adventures. Although I do enjoy delicious food, I’m almost always looking for creative hacks and shortcuts to make life easier. 

I’ve rounded up a list of a few kitchen tips and tricks that took me years to realize I was doing wrong. Everything from waste reduction to time-saving hacks that you’ll soon be wondering why you had never thought of before.

Life hacks everyone should know! A list of kitchen, cooking, and food tips. These easy tricks will save you time and money!

1. Repurpose Your Ice Cube Trays

I’m willing to bet you have a few forgotten ice cube trays laying around in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Time to put them back to use! They are perfect for freezing leftover sauce, broth, milk, tomato paste, fruit juice, and more. This is a great way to reduce waste as well as have handy small portions of commonly used ingredients available. 

Ice Cube Tray Hack | A list of helpful cooking tips and tricks! Easy hacks to save time and money in the kitchen! Everything from food waste to grocery shopping ideas.

Small portions of frozen chicken or beef broth are great for reheating meat as well as adding flavor to rice or pasta.

2. Fresh Produce & The Magic of a Paper Towel 

If my produce isn’t washed and chopped ahead of time, it tends to go bad in my fridge because everyone is too lazy to make a salad or eat a few grapes if they aren’t prepped and ready to eat. I try to wash and cut a lot of my produce to prevent this from happening, but the extra moisture can cause them to go bad very quickly. There’s a simple fix for that! Paper towels.

Fresh Produce Tip | How to keep your fruits and veggies lasting longer! Here is a list of kitchen and cooking tips and tricks every girl should know. These life hacks will save you time and money! Ideas for food waste, time saving tricks, and grocery shopping ideas.

Paper towels are very effective at absorbing moisture and preventing your produce from wilting and growing mold. 

3. Save Time in the Kitchen

Store-bought convenience items may not be the best way to save money, but they sure do give you more time to do other things. Chopping an onion is probably my least favorite kitchen task, so I don’t mind spending an extra $1 to have them already chopped for me. This also cuts down on the dishes needed to prepare dinner! 

Cooking Shortcuts | A list of helpful food, cooking and kitchen tips! These life hacks will save you time and money. Food is such big part of our lives, so it's great to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make cooking and baking easier. Here are some convenient items you can buy at the grocery store to save time on dinner!

Most grocery stores offer shredded rotisserie chicken in their deli department. This is a major timesaver when you are making soups, casseroles, sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, and more!

4. The Struggle of Natural Nut Butter 

The oil in natural peanut and almond butter always separates, which has seriously made my life miserable at times. No worries! There are a few ways you can make this agonizing process a little easier. Here are the full details on stirring nut butters without getting pissed off.

How To Stir Natural Nut Butter Without The Mess | A life hack every girl should know! Here is a list of kitchen tips and tricks that will save you time and money. Helpful ways to prevent food waste, cut down on prep work, and lessen the amount of dirty dishes you have to wash.

5. School Lunch Ideas

If you have kids, then you know the struggle of packing a lunch box that doesn’t contain the usual sandwich and chips every day. Here are a few tips to make lunch time more exciting!

School Lunch Box Tips | A list of helpful life hacks! Kitchen ideas, food waste, time saving tricks, budgeting, and more! Genius life hacks every girl should know! Moms and dads will especially appreciate these school lunch ideas.

Heat up a frozen meal or dinner leftovers and pour it into a small thermos. The easiest hot school lunch you’ll ever make! 

6. Sheet Pan Pancakes

If you’re serving four or more people for breakfast, this is seriously the easiest and best way to make pancakes! A quick breakfast idea for sleepovers, large families, parties, holidays, brunches, and more. Full Recipe & Instructions

Cooking Hacks | How to make pancakes in your oven! Here is a list of helpful cooking and food tips and tricks everyone should know. Everything from time saving ideas to food waste and budgeting. These are great if you find yourself in the kitchen cooking, baking and cleaning up more than you'd like!

7. Non-Stick Spray Tip

Use that handy can of Pam to spray more than just your pans and baking dishes! This stuff works wonders on kitchen utensils. I also like to spray it on my hands when rolling cookie dough, forming beef patties, or squishing Rice Krispie treats or cereal bars into place.

Helpful Food Tips & Tricks | A list of genius kitchen and cooking hacks! #7 Use non-stick spray to keep sticky foods like honey or peanut butter from sticking.

8. Get More Juice out of Your Citrus Fruit

I squirt limes more often than I probably should in cocktails, and I’m always so disappointed when I go to squeeze one and I get a puny little drop. Microwave a lemon or lime for 10-20 seconds to practically double the juice!

Tips & Tricks: How to get more juice out of lemons and limes with this easy hack! A list of helpful kitchen tips and tricks everyone should know. These ideas will all save you time and money!

It’s also best to store your citrus fruit on the counter instead of the fridge to optimize the flavor and amount of juice you get. You can additionally roll them on the counter with the palm of your hand before slicing. 

9. Get More use out of your Pizza Cutter

Let’s not even call it a pizza cutter anymore! This ingenious tool is great for cutting all kinds of foods from pancakes and pasta to herbs and dough. Keep it in your knife drawer so you don’t forget to use it. Here’s is a complete list of things you can cut with a pizza cutter

Genius Kitchen Tips & Tricks Your Mom Never Told You | A list of helpful cooking and food hacks! Everything from time saving tips to ways to cut down on cleaning dishes. #9 Use a pizza cutter for cutting all kinds of food from pancakes and toast to herbs and meat.

10. The Best Way To Hard Boil Eggs

Boiled eggs are a staple food in my house especially when I’m trying to watch my weight. However, if you don’t do it right, they can be a huge pain to peel. I’ve found that this boiling technique works 100% of the time for easy-to-peel-eggs. Here’s the complete list of tips and tricks as well as an amazing deviled egg recipe.

The Best Way To Boil Eggs (Easy Peel Method) | A list of helpful kitchen tips and tricks! Everything from food waste to time saving cooking ideas. Life hacks everyone should know! Especially if you spend a lot of time cooking and baking in the kitchen.


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