Printable Keyboard Shortcuts

For Both Windows & Macintosh


Like a lot of people in this technology driven generation, I spend way too much time on my computer. I have some of the craziest gadgets to make my time in this desk chair more bearable (a desk cycle, USB hand warming gloves, 2 heated blankets, a scalp head massager, and a tube of vanilla chap stick in every drawer). I’m not spoiled AT ALL. If it weren’t for my memory foam seat I’m not really sure how I’d survive the day.

Because I’ve spend so much time on my butt with my eyeballs glued to my 27 inch Mac monitor, I’ve slowly memorized and taken full advantage of a few keyboard shortcuts that, believe it or not, save me a ton of time. If only there were a keyboard shortcut that would refill my coffee and empty my bladder, then I might actually get a full 8 hour day in.

Fortunately, for you, I’ve slaved over these handy keyboard shortcut pictures along with this FREE PRINTABLE for your desk. 

FREE PRINTABLE Keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows.

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FREE PRINTABLE Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.


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