Amazing LED Flame Light

I’ve officially fallen in love with this thing (check out the video below).


This weird little plastic contraption may not seem like much, but it’s complete MAGIC once it’s turned on. It creates these waves of light that when slightly disguised behind anything opaque, look just like the flames of a fire or large candle.

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You can kind of see the action in the photo collage, but you have to see it in real life to get the full experience {video below}.

I have a few containers around the house that I like to use them in, and they look absolutely awesome at night. Right now I’m using it on my spooky Halloween entry table in this large metal candle holder.

I originally found these at a local boutique store in my area, and immediately snatched up quite a few of them to give away as gifts over the holidays. However, I’ve since discovered that you can buy them on Amazon! Whoop whoop!

The flame lights that I found on Amazon are even better than the ones I originally purchased because they come with a cracked glass lamp, timer and remote. The battery lasts for about 18 hours, and you simply recharge it with the cord provided.

Even though this flame light comes with a lamp, I like to use it in my own vases and containers. By the way, mercury glass is the best! It’s also fun to use during the holidays behind Halloween decorations, near a Christmas display or on your Thanksgiving table.

Pick One Up On Amazon

LED Flame Light -- looks just like a flame from a fire or candle! My favorite gift idea for the holidays.

P.S. If you like mood lighting as much as I do (wink, wink), you’re going to love this metal leaf pattern solar lantern. I bought one a few years ago for my patio table and it’s still going strong.


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